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Services Provided
Annual Maintenance
  o Change Engine Oil
  o Change Oil and Fuel Filters
  o Spark Plugs
  o Proper disposal of all oil and filters.
  o Additional Lubrication as   
     Recommended by Manufacturer
  o Samples and Lab Testing with report.
  o Complete Generator and ATS
     inspection including test.
  o Service Contracts with Incentives
Semi-Annual Maintenance and
   Service Contracts
  o All of above annual maintenance
  o Change Battery or Batteries
  o Coolant Change including radiator
     flush and replacement hoses, belts,
     and thermostats.
  o Proper disposal of old coolant
  o Recycle of old Battery or Batteries.
  o Service Contracts with Incentives
Load Banking with Report
Remote Monitoring
  o Real Time Data Collection of all
  o Telephone/Cell Phone Activity
  o Internet Monitoring and Alarm
  o Building Automation System
     Communication Capability
Design & Site Assistance
  o Project engineering
  o Quick Ship Capability
  o Assistance with Pollution Control
     Agency Permitting

Tools of the Trade
Load Bank
Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
True RMS Multi-Meter
Compression Leak Detection
Battery Load Tester
Rotation Meter
Spark Tester
Metric & SAE Hand Tools
Infrared Thermal Imaging w/Report
Sound Measurement/Data Logging
Parts/Fluids Inventory

Related Accessories
  o Transfer Switches
  o Receptacles/Plugs
  o Power Cables/Cam-Lock Connectors
  o Tanks
  o Battery Chargers
  o Panelboards/Load Centers
  o Cold Weather Accessories
     Oil/Coolant/Battery Heaters
  o Enclosure Accessories
     Louvers/Space Heaters
     /Receptacles/AC & DC Lighting
  o Remote Annunciators, Controllers,
     and E-Stops
  o Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Gary Kraus
Mobile (651) 324-7336
Ryan Smith
Mobile (218) 851-4749

  office: 888-330-2118 fax: 651-426-8307 1310 East Hwy 96, Suite 103, White Bear Lake, MN 55110
  8296 Industrial Park Road, Baxter, MN 56425


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